Bluewater Safaris

We are ready to take you on a trip of a lifetime aboard our 40’ custom SeaVee with twin 480hp turbo diesels. This is one of the newest and most slick fishing boats here in St. Thomas! The ‘Silver Fox’ provides a fast, stable fishing platform that’s licensed for up to 6 passengers to sit comfortably. We offer two types of fishing trips, inshore and offshore, to best suit your needs.


Inshore Sportfishing
1/2 Day ~ 3/4 Day ~ Full Day Fishing along the near shore Cays, Islands and rocks is a great choice for families with young children or adults who want to stay busy with a bent rod. Inshore is also a good choice if you prefer to stay in more protected waters. By utilizing live bait, you can expect to catch quite a variety of bottom and pelagic fish species. If the fishing gets slow during the hot mid-day hours, we can simply put the rods down and head for one of the numerous deserted beaches to cool off with some great Snorkeling and help patrol our reefs for the invasive Indo-Pacific Lionfish!


Offshore Sportfishing
3/4 Day ~ Full Day ~ Marlin Trips ~ The North Drop is part of the Puerto Rican Trench which lies about 60 miles north of the island of Puerto Rico. The Trench extends eastward just to the north of the Virgin Islands and is the deepest in the Atlantic Ocean. The North Drop is the Blue Marlin capital of the world during the summer months. Just before and during the full Moon tends to produce the most aggressive Bill fish bites. In the spring along the South Drop there is a great chance to catch Marlin or trophy sized Dolphin Tuna and Wahoo!


  • ½ Day (4 hrs) Inshore: $700
  • ¾ Day (6 hrs) Inshore or Offshore: $975
  • Full Day (8hrs) Inshore or Offshore: $1,200
  • Marlin Trips (10hrs) Offshore: 1,400